Radionics is action at a distance.  Radiesthesia is detection at a distance.  

Radionics may be used alongside other therapies and to support conventional medicine.

Detection of disharmony or imbalances in some cases are physical and in others emotional and deep rooted within the energy centres or chakras.  Sentient beings are considered to have etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Through dowsing (using a pendulum), I will as a practitioner be able to access information that will enable me to detect where these disharmonies or imbalances are causing energectic issues.

You will be asked to complete a Case History form, and for a snippet of your hair,  so that I may carry out an assessment.  Underlying causes are then determined and treatment can then begin.

The effects of these treatments may be felt quite rapidly with an increased sense of wellbeing, but long standing imbalances may take a little longer.  Treatments are projected using vibrational patterns of flower remedies, colour, crystals and many other remedies depending on the individual need.  It can underpin deep changes within ones life and encourage self development. 

CHARGES - £50 for an initial assessment and analysis.  £40 per month thereafter until either party decides to stop treatments.